Get On the Fast Track to Financial Freedom through Short-term rental Investments

Your chance to learn step-by-step the methods I've used to earn millions in short-term rentals PASSIVELY!  Live and in-person, including an on-site private tour of existing properties to interaction with my local team – please visit the below link. This is the absolute best and fastest way to learn the methods for yourself and be ready to take action the moment you leave.

What You Can Do After Attending

A multi-day experience to launch your business

  • Find, finance, and acquire your own short-term rental property
  • Maximize NET positive cash flow without risking your shirt
  • Implement a fool-proof system for evaluating the right property
  • Discover the secrets to find the best properties and financing options
  • Hire the right team to make sure your rental operates without you
  • Become an "off-site" business manager
  • Maintain the highest ocupancy with the highest rates - always
  • Set up necessary automations to easily scale your portfolio
  • Attract investors and raise capital
  • Develop systems, operations, and procedure manuals
  • Analyze the financials of actual projects

Private Tour

Experience a private tour of some of my ACTUAL  short-term rentals

Discover the inner workings of a 7-figure short-term rental company

Learn about the inner workings of my company Midtown Stays which has hosted thousands of super happy guests and has a 7 figure annual gross income

Case Studies

Be exposed to real life case studies of current and past projects I've completed

Communication Blueprints

Access my actual communication scripts that consistently generate 5 star reviews


Connect with other like-minded professionals from all over the United States.

Fast Track Event Schedule

Multi-day event packed for maximum impact

Each of our live FAST TRACK events follow an agenda designed to optimize your learning experience, immerse you in the business, and allow you to make beneficial connections.

We provide a format that allows you to learn from real-world examples so you have complete knowledge of not only the process, but how to apply the process to your own business and get real, measurable results.

Day 1 Meet & Greet

6:00pm - 8pm

Our students will come from all over the country (and your host from out of the country). To get our events started we have pre-event reception with drinks and appetizers where we'll give an overview of the weekend and you will have an opportunity to network with your fellow students

Day 2

9am to 5pm

This is a full day of in classroom training. You’ll learn the fundamentals of real estate investing and why short-term rentals will catapult you towards financial freedom in minimal time. You’ll learn exactly how to find them, finance and effectively acquire them as well as the operations needed to manage them from wherever you are. You will get the proven marketing secrets to keep your rentals occupied and how to find the right team to operate them so you can scale quickly and efficiently.

Day 3

9am to 5pm

This is the day where we put it all together. We analyze the financials of actual projects as well as examine site selection, design and how to plan for the most cost effective, highest producing property.

We'll head out in to the field to view actual properties in operation.  This is the context for the content. We cover case studies of actual properties owned and operated by your trainer Tim Hubbard. Day 3 is the highlight for most students where they truly understand how easily they can get in to the business, make it work with minimal effort, build true wealth, and become financially free with as little as one property!

Superior Networking

One of the greatest benefits of attending the 3-Day FAST TRACK is the networking opportunity. Not only will you be ready to take action as soon as you leave the class, but you’ll also meet and connect with many other like-minded professionals from all over the US and be automatically enrolled in our private Facebook group where you can post questions, concerns, and bounce ideas off your fellow alumni